Description of Services:

Free Consultation:

We’ll visit your home to conduct a free consultation. This includes a walk-through to provide us with the level of detail you desire in your inventory. We’ll ask that you designate the items to be included.

Inventory process:

Includes documenting and photographing all items to be included in your portfolio. If receipts, model and serial numbers and other proof-of-purchase documents are available, they will help ensure accuracy. Your presence is requested while documenting and photographing jewelry and other expensive small items.

Final package and review:

All gathered data, photos and other documentations are uploaded into our secure proprietary software for creating your personal detailed comprehensive report. Turnaround time is generally 30 days or less depending upon the size of your inventory. Your package will contain detailed reports by summary, location, category, and by heir (if designated) along with a thumb-drive back-up. All collected documents will be returned to the owner. Your inventory will be reviewed and modified according to your wishes. We suggest that you store your documents in an offsite location such as a safety deposit box.