Description of Services:

Free Initial Consultation:

The purpose of the consultation is for Abode Downsizers LLC to learn as much as possible about your planned move and/or “aging-in-place,” so we can design an efficient action plan that minimizes your chaos and stress. The consultation normally is scheduled for 1½ to 2 hours. The walk-through covers furnishings, clothing, mementoes and all of your treasured belongings to be relocated to your new home and/or to other destinations. Once we’re apprised of your required scope of services, we’ll prepare an estimate.

Floor Planning:

To provide you with a floor plan for your new home, we will take measurements of the furniture you intend to move. After which, we’ll discuss with you a customized floor plan illustrating how and where your belongings fit into your new home. Your floor plan is interactive with your existing lifestyle, allowing you to adjust and adapt varying configurations for your ideal placement.


Floor planning makes sorting easier. We will help you sort through your home and assist you in decision-making about what and how items will best fit in your new home.

Sorting also takes into consideration items that will not be taken to your new residence. We’ll follow your instructions as to the destinations and/or disbursements of those belongings, such as charitable donations, estate sale, etc. We can also facilitate the removal of items no longer wanted.

Securing Movers:

We work with moving companies on a daily basis. Once you select your furniture and other items to be sorted and moved, we’ll schedule 2-3 moving companies to provide you detailed estimates. Each will visit your home to conduct the estimate. If you request, we’ll accompany you and the mover during the estimate. Estimates will include packing and moving your items to your new home. Upon receiving estimates, we’ll review them with you and assist you in selecting the mover that best suits your requirements.

Oversight of Packers:

In all likelihood, the moving company will have its packers at your home the day before the move. We’ll be at your home to ensure that everything you want to be relocated is packed for the move. We’ll also assure that items being left behind are not packed.

Oversight on Move Day:

On moving day, we’ll arrive to supervise the move and to handle last-minute details. Upon completion of the truck loading, we’ll join you at your new home to manage furniture placement and other aspects of resettling.

Unpacking and Settling-in Services:

Time of delivery to your new residence determines unpacking and resettling for that day. If time allows, we’ll begin unpacking the same day. If yours is a time-consuming move or other delaying factors, unpacking will roll to the next day.

Transfer of Utilities:

If you require assistance changing your utilities, we’ll assist in making the changes. Whether it is telephone, cable/satellite TV, change of address, we’re experienced in making these changes in an efficient manner.

Charity Packing/Securing of Junk Hauling, etc.

If the remaining belongings are insufficient to host an estate sale, we can arrange to have them packed and picked up for charity, re-purposing or other means of disposal.

 Additional Services:

As the move plan progresses, our clients often decide to purchase additional services. We’re happy to handle whatever you require to make your move pleasant with a minimum of stress.

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