Our Story:

On a personal note, we’ve experienced firsthand having elderly parents’ transition to senior living circumstances resulting from age related failing health. Moving our parents into assisted living and a nursing home, followed by distributing their furnishings, knickknacks and treasured belongings among family members, charities, estate sales, etc. was challenging and traumatic.

We easily relate to downsizing complications associated with any family member because making a major move at any age is daunting and stressful for the entire family. Scaling down a traditional household is a multi-faceted and emotional process. We, as Move Management Specialists, are trained to assist elders and the entire family through this perplexing process.

Abode Downsizers is expert at efficiency, resources and cost saving approaches to quality moves and/or “aging-in-place.” With our assistance, elderly clients are empowered to live in the community of their choice with independence and dignity. Our services are client-centered and personalized to meet their requirements and preferences.

Seniors are understandably hesitant to downsize to a more accommodating residence because they’re traumatized by the enormity of the task. Our seamless action plans are customized and executed according to their wishes. We handhold them through planning, implementing and settling in. Our service minimizes the chaos and/or stress typically associated with their move. All decisions regarding their belongings, plans and wishes are solely theirs. All of which are made with respect and dignity.

“The NASMM is the gold standard for senior transition services for both downsizing and moving. Senior Move Managers® not only help you move your belongings, but they also cater to the emotional aspects of the moving and downsizing process.” SeniorAdvisor.com

“With baby boomers turning 65 at the rate of 10K per day, this huge population of 79 million people is going to attract a lot of people to aging services. At NASMM, they have only the best and brightest in the industry to follow a strict code of ethics.” aPlaceforMom.com

“Senior move managers don't just handle the time-consuming (and often backbreaking) logistics; they have expertise in navigating the tricky emotional terrain that's involved with someone who has accumulated a lifetime of possessions. You can also hire a senior move manager to help downsize possessions if a loved one is moving in with you (or vice versa) to accommodate multiple generations under one roof.” Caring.com