Frequently Asked Questions:

What about my privacy?
Our HBI is a secure proprietary comprehensive evaluation of your property status. A confidentiality agreement is part of our standard

What happens to the information contained in my inventory?
Inclusive in your inventory are a full analysis and photos of your estate along with all pertinent supporting documents. You receive detailed reports by summary, location, category, and by heir (if designated) along with a thumb-drive back-up. The details of your
inventory are dependent upon the information you provide.

What should I have included in my inventory?
You should include: furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork, appliances, kitchen contents, clothes, carpets, drapes, computer equipment, television sets, CD players (and other audio or audiovisual equipment), musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, linens, autos, lawn mowers, tools, sports equipment, collectibles and any other items of value. Also included should be property stored elsewhere, perhaps in a garage or storage shed.

How much does a home or business inventory cost?
Costs vary according to the amount, content and accessibility of your property. A free consultation
and estimate are provided.   

What if my property is too messy for an inventory?
Few, if any, properties are in perfect order. It is important that items can be easily seen and accessed. We’re flexible and will work with you to record the maximum amount of details. You’ll be provided a list of pre-inventory tips to help you prepare.

Where should I put my Inventory Report for safe keeping?
We suggest an offsite location such as a safety deposit box.