Home and/or Business Insurance:

The purpose of purchasing insurance is to make you financially whole following a loss. You pay a relatively small fee now in exchange for the insurance company’s guarantee that it will bear the burden in the event of a loss at a future date.

Estate Planning:

An Estate Plan is naming in advance whom you want to receive your assets upon your death. It reserves your assets for your heirs. No matter how large or modest, almost everyone has an estate. A detailed inventory can provide your executor with guidance on how to distribute your assets and property. It provides the opportunity to take a crystal clear view at assuring your future health and happiness, as well as the people you most care about. Unfortunately, we can’t successfully predict our health or how long we will live.

Financial Planning:

Financial Planning is the process of estimating the capital required for certain personal or business matters. A Finance Manager ensures that your financial resources are maximally utilized in the best possible manner at the least cost in order to get maximum returns on your investments. A full inventory of one’s personal and business holdings presents a clear and organized scenario.

State Farm Insurance: “An accurate inventory and proof of ownership at the time of a loss can make claim settlement easier and faster.”

Gordon Marshall, Elder Law Attorney:An estate plan is a set of legal documents prepared for your death or disability. I detailed inventory of your estate is crucial to your health, financial well-being and to that of your loved ones.

Merrill Lynch:Successful financial planning starts with getting to know you, your feelings toward investing and your financial situation. Inclusive in getting to know you involves creating a complete inventory of your assets.

AARP:No home is completely safe from natural or man-made disasters. But while almost half of Americans say they have an inventory of their possessions to document losses in case of a disaster, they can’t prove it.”