Does the thought of moving overwhelm you? Abode Downsizers helps ease your transition. As Move Management Specialists, we are trained to assist families and older adults  during their home downsizing and relocation. Specifically when our elderly parents move from their home to assisted or independent living, to a nursing or a relative’s home, it’s a stressful event. We can help the entire family work through the details associated with downsizing, planning and implementing the move.

Fear and loss of control are among an elderly person’s most challenging hurdles. Having resided in the family home for 30, 40 or more years, the thought of moving is daunting psychologically and physically. Organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing relocating are complicated and unnerving for the entire family. We help them find a starting place by developing a plan and handholding them through the entire journey.

Fraud crimes against the elderly are prevalent. Seniors, like the rest of us, are very concerned with security and protecting their assets. Financial exploitation against them is committed by strangers trusted relatives and/or caregivers. When possible, we serve as a barrier to activities that are not in the best interest of our clients. Most of whom have suffered the loss a spouse, friends, driving privileges as well as a few with hearing or sight loss. As members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), we are pledged to a strict code of ethics.

To learn more, watch this video "Why Hire a Senior Move Manager?"

Our seamless action plans are customized and executed according to the client’s wishes, thus minimizing the downsizing chaos and stress associated with their move. We are respectful of their belongings, honoring their life and a good steward to preserving their past. We are insured and bonded.


“Where the adult child may look at their parent’s possessions as just “stuff,” to a senior parent, it’s a lifetime of memories. This is how having an expert can take away family stress and ensure the most dignified move for the senior.” Mary Kay Buysse, Executive Director, National Association of Senior Move Managers